What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Well it has been an interesting year! I mean with so much going on in the world of drag racing and in the performance aftermarket industry, its been a game changing year for sure!

From the worlds first NHRA Top Fuel Funnycar run in the 3.7’s to the explosion of Chevy LS performance parts and LS engines being swapped into anything and everything imaginable. I think I actually saw a Chevy LS swapped into a garden tractor, boosted of course, its crazy to actually think how far the little small block that could has come in the over 50 years of production.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Sure we all want to loose weight or be a better person but how much fun is that really? I am curious to know what is your New Year’s Resolution for your car or truck? What is it that you want to do to your ride this 2018?

I am going to leave the comments section open on this because I am really curious as to where everyone is headed in terms of adding a little performance into their rides!

Mine….well that will be another blog post for another time! I promise it will be a good one.

Racepak’s sorta new IQ3 Display Dash – no longer just for the Karting community!

Racepaks updated IQ3 lineup


Ain’t going to lie, I know I just installed a whole set of Autometer guages for my 66 C10, but when Racepak unveiled they are expanding the IQ3 Display Dash to work for any application I really started re-thinking my current setup. ┬áSince I will be transitioning from carbureted to fuel injection on my upcoming LS3 swap I like the idea of data logging and if this thing lives up to what Racepak is saying I really think the investment to upgrade now might be worth it.

And while I am at it, I am really leaning towards going with Nitrous Express’ Holley Hi-Ram manifold with NX Direct Port system for the LS3….hmmmm


Here is a great video about the IQ3’s expanded capabilities so you can see for yourself why I am rethinking my guage setup!





NX Holley Hi-Ram Manifold with NX Direct Port System

Racepak IQ3 Product Page