In The Beginning..

So here it is.  Great stuff I know!  How does one begin a blog let alone begin writing about the very things that make up the core of whom they are?  My passions are rather varied and even in some cases very scattered.  From a love of old classic movies (John Wayne is my bro), head banging heavy metal or honky tonkin’ to classic outlaw country music to tinkering with radio controlled cars and full size classics.  But one thing overshadows all of my hobbies or passions and that is drag racing. My tastes, hobbies and passions are really all over the board.  Maybe it is to diversify my portfolio of keep myself unbored or possibly to keep myself as busy as humanly possible which I have come to realize is a family trait/issue/needs an intervention.

So back to drag racing……

Although I never officially worked in a shop, working on cars, making them faster, handle better or just be the quickest on the street, it surely has been a lifelong hobby of mine.  My first car was a 66 Camaro and from there I have a laundry list of vehicles I have owned.  I currently have a 1966 Chevy C10 that continues to be my daily driver and work in progress.  From turning a 63 Nova into a pro-street in an apartment garage, to bagging a 49 Shoebox Ford.  I have always been self taught and on occasion taken classes for welding, fabrication and general auto mechanics at local colleges or made friends via messageboards (HAMB for example) bought a 12 pack of beer and pizza and spent countless hours in the garage learning and sharing knowledge with likeminded gear heads.  My Uncle owned a machine shop in my hometown and this is where I learned the basics of engine building from surfacing blocks, port and polishing cylinder heads to running blown alcohol drag or truck/tractor pulling motors on an engine dyno I learned.  In fact his shop Nu-Tech in Angola, NY was the location for the filming of an Duralube.  Here is a link to that commercial (Duralube commercial on YouTube).  I still laugh at the moustaches!

So here is where it all begins!  A writers blog, a writer with a habit for run-on sentences, poor grammar and even worse spelling!






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