Racepak’s sorta new IQ3 Display Dash – no longer just for the Karting community!

Racepaks updated IQ3 lineup


Ain’t going to lie, I know I just installed a whole set of Autometer guages for my 66 C10, but when Racepak unveiled they are expanding the IQ3 Display Dash to work for any application I really started re-thinking my current setup.  Since I will be transitioning from carbureted to fuel injection on my upcoming LS3 swap I like the idea of data logging and if this thing lives up to what Racepak is saying I really think the investment to upgrade now might be worth it.

And while I am at it, I am really leaning towards going with Nitrous Express’ Holley Hi-Ram manifold with NX Direct Port system for the LS3….hmmmm


Here is a great video about the IQ3’s expanded capabilities so you can see for yourself why I am rethinking my guage setup!





NX Holley Hi-Ram Manifold with NX Direct Port System

Racepak IQ3 Product Page

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